Aurélie Czaja is a HardTechno DJ from Strasbourg. His performances are more of a real show than a simple DJ set.

Indeed, dressed in a mask and outfits designed around the world of rave, she offers a visual experience on the stage which perfectly accompanies her sets. She masters the art of warming up the crowd by giving them what they want.

She stands out from other HardTechno artists with a varied style in which HardTrance, Techno Indus', Tekno which can go as far as Frapcore and Hardcore are intertwined depending on the mood of the public. All sprinkled with long, soaring vocals during build-ups which combine on stage with captivating dances.

Having proven herself as a Show Woman mainly in the east of France (and in Switzerland), she recently took up musical production with a view to professionalization and international openness. His first two tracks “BREAK THE SILENCE” and “CATACOMBE” present on all streaming platforms have received a promising reception from the public and many current projects will see the light of day in the months to come.

Past gigs: Petit Salon (Lyon), Borderline (Switzerland), Ninkasi (Lyon), Studio Saglio (Strasbourg), Grillen (Colmar)…

Artists with who she shared the stage: Basswell, Perfect, BillX, Chôkô, Biomystic, Isabela Clerc...