Pyramiid Production Association

Pyramiid production was officially created in 2018 after two years of activism in Lyon's underground spheres.

It is the result of a collective of electronic music artists from Lyon and Clermont Ferrand. This collective will be the first to organize Techno and Trance evenings at the Petit Salon and to set up open air events with the complicity of Ninkasi Gerland.

The collective brings together pioneers of French techno and young innovative talents, with a common concern for creativity, professionalism, rigor and conviviality that could be summed up by "Doing what you love with those you love and above all do things right…”

Since 2018 and despite the COVID, the structure has continued to develop and today organizes more than 150 events per year, around 4 events each weekend.

The eminently Lyonnais collective has decided to integrate national artists and even a few international ones, and the techno evenings, which until then have been geolocated in Rhône Alpes, have become itinerant throughout France, with a point of honor placed on accompaniment and support for emerging artists. Today the structure even organizes tours abroad, in Europe, Mexico, Brazil or India.

The activity has diversified with support for the artists making up the collective: Management and booking, organization of tours, production of records and clips, creation residencies, administrative support, and the production of evenings under the Pyramiid label.


They are multiplying at a sustained pace throughout France, in emblematic clubs: the Ninkasi, the CCO and the Petit Salon in Lyon, the Red Club in Tours, the Slalom in Lille, the Dieze in Montpellier, the Hangar FL in Bordeaux, the Saglio studio in Strasbourg, the Warehouse in Nantes, the Cosmo in Clermont Ferrand…

They have different party labels depending on their artistic directions.

  • THE TBM, Techno Body Music evening is eminently techno and open to all kinds of madness. At the instigation of DJ David Asko, it aims to be transdisciplinary, LGBTQIA+, and inclusive. She mixes feverish sets, boosted performances, where everything is allowed on the dancefloor. The atmosphere is BDSM, fetish, queer and leather… Reserved for 18+ and informed public.


  • THE NEORAVE is a return to the heyday of the nineties and the 2000s, an immersion in what electro parties were like 4 decades ago. It therefore includes choreographies and dress-code. Come stylish, colorful, it's going to be a party!


  • THE EUPHORIA immerses you in an underground and psychedelic universe and a Fluo atmosphere! The sounds will take you into a surge of Trance, hard Trance and hard Techno... There is a fluorescent make-up workshop on site, but if you have fluorescent clothes or accessories, now is the time to get them out!


  • THE ALIEN PARTY is a traveling festival… Initiated by the artist GRAViiTY, it is a call to all aliens.


The project is open to enthusiasts who want to get involved in promoting the expression of electronic music. Pyramiid is looking for real ambassadors to convince public actors, local partners and this in all the cities where it produces events. The missions are quite diversified, they can relate to field communication as well as production, starting with the reception of artists. If you share our values ​​and our passion, join us!