GRAViiTY invites you to a meeting of the 3rd type...

This extraterrestrial artist arrived on earth 5 years ago.Since then, he has traveled the world to meet Earthlings, discover their cultures, their music, their festivals... He fell in love with our blue planet... Marveling at his fauna and flora, he enriches his knowledge through his encounters in the 4 corners of the world. He decided to make electronic music a universal language to communicate with the inhabitants of the Earth, and now shares it on the internet and on stages around the world in front of a growing audience.
Coming from a planet ravaged by an apocalypse, his music and his clips are as many messages and as many alerts to make us aware of the climatic and ecological dangers that we incur.

Live, he plays melancholy music with Trance melodies and Hard Tech rhythms, with his guitar and strange machines brought back from his planet...Invited all over the globe, from Brazil to Europe via India, to all the biggest festivals, alongside the biggest djs, and the biggest groups of all stripes, his YouTube channel now totals 20 Million of views and it has accumulated 10 million listens on Spotify.

September 2021 marked a new stage in his career, with the finalization of a new album:
(R)EVOLUTION which will be released on April 28, 2023, freshly signed on Balagan / Wagram.